Dianne McCabe | Change & Resilience Coach


Hi there, 

I’m Dianne McCabe. I am a change and resilience coach, consultant, facilitator and speaker. I work with global corporate  leaders, teams & organisations, who want to sustainably drive change, without sacrificing mental wellbeing.

As CHANGE & RESILIENCE are universal, I work across all industries at all levels.

I am a former corporate leader, with a 20 year career in technology and organisational change. I am the recipient of the Global Best Practices Award by software giant SAP, for a complex change, training & communications program designed and implemented for an iconic international food company.

My lived experience of mental illness and corporate burnout, have sparked a passion for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace. 

Accreditations in Prosci change management, life coaching and mental health first aid, have given me a deep understanding of what is needed to help people and organisations adapt to change, in a sustainable way.

 the happy path is my business name. It is also my philosophy for life and the foundation for the professional services I offer as a change and resilience coach.

At its core, it is about building desire and capability to move forward, in any situation.


the happy path

My happy path began in the aftermath of a mental health breakdown in 2016, brought about by long-term mental illness and corporate burnout.

I combined my deeply personal experience with my professional expertise in change management & leadership to create the CHANGE COMPASS.

Little did I know that my happy path and CHANGE COMPASS would become the basis for my business as a change and resilience coach and fuel my mission to:

 “Build CHANGE and RESILIENCE capability to enable personal, professional and organisational GROWTH

Personal Change, Resilience & Growth

I have had a wide and varied career path, starting out as a butcher’s apprentice at age 13 to running my own business in my 40’s. I have always been open to opportunities (change) and course-corrected my career path many times.

It is important for me to share some of my personal CHANGE, RESILIENCE & GROWTH story. 

This is an interview with psychotherapist Annie Looby on my experience with The Hoffman Process, a 7-day residential program for transformational personal development.

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional"

John C. Maxwell