Are you seeking a dynamic CHANGE & RESILIENCE speaker who will activate your audience?

Dianne Driscoll is an Australian-based speaker known for her expertise in change management and maintaining mental health during large scale or frequent organisational change.

A former corporate leader, with a career spanning over 25 years in technology and organisational change, Dianne works with global corporate leaders, teams and organisations across the globe, including Microsoft, IBM, Ernst & Young, Campbell’s Soup & Arnott’s Biscuits.

Dianne’s keynote presentations, interactive workshops and coaching programs are specifically designed to build core capabilities in change, resilience and leadership. 


Dianne offers the unique opportunity for live interactive coaching to bring content to life

Content can be adapted to align with your conference theme or organisational strategy

No question is off-limits during Q&A as Dianne encourages Courageous Conversations

All Keynote presentations & Workshops are delivered with heart and humour

Deeper capability building options are available through coaching and workshops


Master the Art of Course Correction

Every business and industry is currently faced with the chaos of disruption in the workplace and in the marketplace. The organisations that will stand the test of time are those that Master the Art of Course Correction. In this powerful, fast-paced keynote presentation you will:

  • Assess how well you lead and adapt to change
  • Understand the single most important element for meeting disruptive change with resilience. 
  • Discover the impact of organisational Fight, Flight or Freeze responses and how to avoid them 
  • Learn about the INNER COMPASS – how it helps individuals, teams and organisations navigate through change and master the art of course correction

REFUEL for Teams / Organisations

In this time of rapid change leaders are challenged to support the wellbeing of teams & organisations. Learning how to effectively refuel allows us to deliver sustainably success. In this compelling and action oriented keynote presentation you will:

  • Discover the relationship between stress and performance and assess your current position 
  • A powerful model to identify when your mental health may be going into decline and how to counteract it 
  • Learn strategies to help you take proactive responsibility for your mental wellbeing 
  • Develop your unique REFUEL Plan so you are ready to meet change with resilience 

Micro Changes for Macro Impact

Building a dynamic, resilient, change ready culture can feel like a mammoth undertaking, this keynote inspires you to start making Micro Changes today that will have a Macro Impact over time. In this insightful and interactive keynote presentation you will:

  • Assess how effectively you respond to change
  • Explore why you may be resisting change (without even realising it) and the knock-on impacts it can have 
  • Learn 3 powerful questions to help mobilise you and your team through change 
  • Uncover Micro Changes you can make today, to future-proof yourself, your team and your organisation

Reframing Duty of Care

Every day, millions of people go to work while experiencing mental illness and mental ill-health. Employers have a Duty of Care for employee mental wellbeing, however employees also have a Duty of Care for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their colleagues. Through this presentation you will learn:

  • The 3 guiding principles for a mentally healthy workplace 
  • Immediately implementable strategies to Care for Self and Care for Others 
  • 3 key ways to develop a culture of Courageous Conversations across your team and organisation

Volunteer Speaker

I regularly volunteer my time as a change, mental health & resilience speaker in schools and at community events.

Please get in touch to discuss availability and how my content can be adapted for your school or community event needs.


Speaking Enquiries

I am available for speaking engagements such as:

  • Workshops & Workshop Facilitation
  • Keynote & Guest Speaker Presentations
  • Podcast Interviews 
  • Summit Speaker
  • Seminar/Lectures

Available for engagements in Australia and virtually world-wide.

For details on availability, costs and presentation topics, please contact me using the form on this page.

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"Change is inevitable, growth is optional"

John C. Maxwell